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Benefits of MassageIt can be difficult to choose the therapist that is right for you and you want to get the decision right first time. I provide bespoke treatments for individual clients to suit their needs. My treatments look to the highest standard, personalized massage possible that really stand out from the competition. A real focus on quality massages with good value in a calming and relaxing environment. I get the balance right to feel special and luxurious, but most importantly, relaxed and in-tune with your body. Massage is a personal thing and getting the right therapist is essential. I am sure that you will be really happy with your decision to come to Myssage for your massage, but don't just take my word for it, please see below some testimonials from recent clients.


"I have been a regular client of Richard's for the last 6 months and would definitely recommend him to anyone who is looking for a bespoke treatment. He's a skilled professional who takes the time to understand your needs and then tailors the treatment to suit. He also takes a genuine interest in your long term progress, so you feel like he's committed to giving you treatments that make a sustained difference."
Sharon, Amsterdam - Marketing Director

"If you want a truly relaxing, invigorating massage then make an appointment with this man. It's probably because he can name every nerve and muscle that he works on during the therapeutic session. But you won't care because you'll be too busy trying to think of what you can do with all the untied knots that he's taken care of. Highly recommendable!"
Jasper, Amsterdam - Consultant

"Richard's massage was erg relaxed. Ik voelde me erg ontspannen en hij weet precies hoe hij met jouw lichaam omgaat.
Ik voelde mij meteen beter na de massage, zo Myssage is the place to be!"

Sharol, Amsterdam - Danser

"Richard's massage was spot on.  Professional, relaxing and just what I needed after a manic week.  As a guy going for a massage, I did have some worries about feeling comfortable, but that was very quickly forgotten.  Would definitely recommend."
Jez, Sydney - Civil Servant

"I regularly go for massages and feel that it is a great part of my routine. I really enjoyed coming to Richard for my massage, I found him responsive to my needs and altering pressure as I wanted.  Very reasonably priced and great value! "
Ali, London - Teacher

"Rich is a great masseur and I'd recommend him to anyone without hesitation. He immediately puts you at ease and really takes the time to discuss your needs thoroughly beforehand to make sure you get the best out of your session. I work long hours in front of a computer and struggle with my neck and shoulders but felt amazing after just one appointment... he's got magic hands!"
Ailsa, London - Global Internal Communications Associate

"Having not had a professional massage before, I was slightly apprehensive about the process. However, the calming environment and Richard's professional demeanour put me at ease from the start. An excellent massage and a great relaxing experience overall. Highly recommended"
Jamie, Middlesbrough - PhD. Student


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