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Consultation is an ongoing process to establish how your body will relate to massage and how best to achieve your goals.  Before we start a treatment we must first establish your medical history, each session will start with a consultation - please be open and honest with me to achieve the best results.  All information given is in confidence.



Deep Tissue Massage 45min EUR 45
Focussed massage on back, neck and shoulders to assist in releasing tension and knots in key areas of stress.
Deep Tissue Body Massage 1hr EUR 60
Focus on releasing knots and muscle tension in key areas of stress, typcially neck, shoulders and back
Deep Body Tissue Massage 1hr 30mins EUR 100
Extended deep tissue massage to include, neck, shoulders, arms, legs and back.
Remedial Consultation 45mins EUR 60
Have a injury or problem? Come for a remedial consultation to look to a treatment that is right for you. This session is active and will look to sports and remedial techniques to alleviate pain or discomfort


Massage Oil
Massage Stones