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Body in Balance

Benefits of MassageBody in Balance is the ethos of Myssage and I aim to recreate a natural balance in your body, physically and emotionally. 

Massage can compliment a healthy lifestyle or help to relax a hectic and demanding lifestyle. 

There are simple things in everything that we do that can try and help our bodies reach homeostasis. 

Think about how much time a day you take for yourself, for example have you thought about taking a bath sometimes instead of always a shower? How about setting aside 30mins each day to dedicate to yourself?  Whether that is trying something new or having some quiet time, people often find that meditation or yoga are useful ways to help.  But perhaps there is something else that will suit you?

Lifestyle choices and habits are a large contributing factor to the way we live and also how our bodies interact on a daily basis, perhaps there are small things that you can do that will help you physically and emotionally. Please speak to me for further ideas or advice.

How your body deals with stress is different in each individual and it is really useful to get an understanding of how your body works.  Sometimes you may not know entirely how your body deals with stress, but you know things that help or give you a release and you can work from there. Breathing has many effects on the body and the way in which we breathe is critical. Try and spend some time doing some exercises to promote healthy breathing on a regular basis.

MyssageExercise can be a key part to your life and something that can be a regular activity, however it is essential that you find the activity and way of doing that activity that suits you. Every sport has different elements to it and you can tailor it to be accessible and enjoyable for you. Keep a positive open mind and find what works for you.


Think carefully about the drinks that you have each day.

Drink Peppermint tea - it's a great soothing drink that is very gentle on your system, but is refreshing. It is naturally caffeine free and is thought to help digestion. Other herbal teas are very useful also, just be aware of caffeine contents and how you drink it (do you take sugar?). Teas like camomile can be great as they are very soothing and can assist in relaxation, however be mindful not to have this at the start of the day!


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