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About Myssage

Myssage was set up in 2011 by Richard with the aim of delivering the highest standard of massages and helping to restore personal natural balance at affordable prices.

"I have always been passionate about massage, particularly how our bodies interact with the activities we do and the stresses of everyday life. I was constantly searching for a massage which didn't cost the earth and with a therapist that suited me. However, I always came away from my treatment feeling somewhat disappointed by generic massages. That's why I decided to train as a massage therapist practicing deep tissue holistic massage - a bespoke massage based on your body and your lifestyle - to give the highest standard, personalized massage possible."


About Richard

I am qualified to the highest possible UK standard in massage. I qualified in London with a distinction from the School of Natural Therapies with an ITEC diploma in massage, followed by further specialisation in Deep Tissue Massage and Indian Head Massage.  I then continued my massage education and qualified with a BTEC Level 5 in Clincal Sports and Remedial Massage from the Institute of Sport and Remedial Massage in London (ISRM).

The ISRM was set up by Mel Cash, who set up the first externally validated qualification in Sport & Remedial Massage: a qualification that is now the benchmark for quality training in this sector of complementary healthcare. The ISRM is considered by many as the pioneers in Sports and Remedial Massage. ITEC is the premier international awarding organisation for qualifications in Complementary and Sports Therapy, setting the highest professional standards in over 37 countries worldwide.

In my spare time, I enjoy keeping active and partake in sports regularly - mostly gym, swimming, rollerblading and dancing. I shifted from a background in law to pursue my passion for human wellbeing, both mentally and physically. 

Deep Tissue Massage Therapies

For many thousands of years massage has been used effectively to deal with minor soft tissue conditions (affecting muscles, ligaments and tendons). The majority of general aches and pains that are caused by lifestyle stresses are minor soft tissue conditions. Although they may recover naturally over time this is often not the case and they can develop into more serious and complex issues. Remedial massage has shown over the years to be a fast and effective way of dealing with these minor soft tissue conditions by assisting the body's own natural repair processes.

Remedial massage includes the assessment of the soft tissues of the body to help prevent and manage dysfunction, injury, pain or physical disorders. This is achieved by the physical, manual manipulation of the soft tissues with supportive advice on exercise and training.

Sport Massage is a speciality within remedial massage that uses the same range of clinical skills. Many 'so called' sports injuries have much to do with a person's posture and/or other factors outside of their sport, and the distinction between the two is often unclear. The real difference with sports massage is the focus on recovery from training and the early identification and treatment of potential soft tissue problems.

Holistic massage is related to you and how your body deals with stress and aims to help you restore natural balance in your body. We all interact with life and our bodies in different ways Body in Balance is the ethos of Myssage and I aim to recreate a natural balance in your body, physically and emotionally. Massage can compliment a healthy lifestyle or help to relax a hectic and demanding lifestyle.


  • Massage benefits the mind and body, helping taught muscles to relax with massage stokes assisting lymphatic drainage, helping to release toxins.  
  • Benefits of Massage
  • Massage benefits people of all ages, backgrounds and lifestyles.
  • Works to relieve tension and aches in key muscle areas, particularly the neck, back and shoulders. 
  • Is an immediate stress buster, relaxing the nervous system
  • Promotes flow of endorphins, creating an uplift in mood which helps to better cope with stress and heavy workload
  • Boosts energy levels, alleviates tiredness
  • Improves focus, concentration and alertness
  • Prevents repetitive strain injury
  • Relieves headaches and eyestrain
  • Increases muscle flexibility and range of movement
  • Improves circulation and toxin removal from muscles
  • Promotes wellness
  • Provides brief and intense rest period; reducing sedentary sluggishness of desk-bound work
  • Feels fantastic!


My massage technique is structured around oil-based Swedish massage - Efflerage and Petrissage - along with including an array of different techniques from a variety of massage disciplines to deliver the very best massage.

  • Deep tissue manipulation
  • Stretches
  • Remedial techniques
  • Sports massage
  • Mobilisations of limbs and joints
  • Breath work
  • Manual lymphatic drainage
  • Energy holds
  • Rocking
  • Vibrations
Massage Oil
Massage Stones